Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers to them. Feel free to browse this section, you might find the answers to the questions bugging you about our services at Classified10x.

We offer a wide range of classified ad categories. However, the popular categories on our website are Real Estate, Property, Cars, Businesses, Fashion and  Electronics.

Classified ads are called so because advertisements are categorised and are posted in categories where advertisers deem it fit to appear.

All ads are posted in for free and it appears in the category where they are posted for a while before other ads are posted. You ads goes down the category as more ads are posted in the category. 

Therefore to make your ads stand out, post your ads with well informative and clean image(s) together with a well written description about your ads.

However, you may need to boost your ads as featured, top, and bumped.

Featured ads appears at the very top of the homepage, Top ads also appears on the homepage and remain at the top of the category. While bumped ads are automatically renewed in their categories occasionally.

You can boost your ads with your points. Go to your listing to boost your ads now

Yes, you ads can be placed in a certain part of the website for more visibility. This requires you to boost your ads as featured, top, bumped or all together.

Yes, your ads can be automatically renewed if you boost if you boost them as bumped ads.

It costs no dime to post your ads on our website. Publishing your ads is absolutely free.

Your classified ads are due for renewal in 30 days. However you can repost them if they are still relevant within 3 months of their expiration. Expired post will be deleted after 3 months of expire period.

Yes, we offer frequency discount in form of coupon to reward you loyalty with our brand.

We do not write ads for businesses and you get support (minimal) from our support team if you are posting ads with free membership plan.

You do not need to pay to post your ads on our platform.

However, you can post your ad by buying a membership plan or boost your ads individually.

Yes, we offer special membership plan. This membership plan open features like store creation, ad boosts, social media promotions and ads optimization for more visibility.

The more eyes you can get on your ads the more result you get.

Buy a membership plan now

Yes, you can promote a single ad without buying a membership plan. Here is how:

  • Go to you "My Listing" in my account.
  • Navigate to the ad you want to promote and click on "Promote"

You only have access to create a digital space for your business on our website when you subscribe to any of our membership plan. Your store harbours all your active listings and are available for view to customers at a glance.

Your listings are automatically added to your store/digital space.

The major ways to measure the effectiveness of your ads are the number of views on your ads, calls, emails and chat messages you get on your ads. You can offer a special discount peculiar to this platform to know where your customers are coming from in case you get phone calls on your ads.

If you have any questions that has not been answered on our FAQ page, kindly contact our support team via the contact form on the contact page, email or WhatsApp chat.

We do not process payment for sellers, neither will any of our staffs send their personal bank details (different from the one on our platform)  to deposit your payment for any ad boost and/or membership subscription.