Ad Type, Ad Placement, Ad Publicity and Boda point system

Boda Nigeria is an online marketplace that connect buys and sellers for easy transactions.

Simply put, buyer posts advert on Boda and seller approaches buyer and vice versa.

Ad Type

There are five ad types that can be posted on Boda platform.

  1. Sell
  2. Buy
  3. Swap
  4. Rent
  5. Job

Sellers can post sell, swap and rent; buyers can post buy, swap and rent.
Job ad type is open for companies, small and medium scale businesses looking to employ competent employees. Job ad type is also valid for job seekers to create awareness about their openness for new opportunity.

Any ad post that does not concur to the ad type and category intended for the post will be disapproved.

To distinguish sellers and buyers’ post, it is advisable for buyer’s to start their ad title with “I need…” or end their ad title with “…needed”. This will enable sellers to search and connect with buyers easily.

For Swap ad type, thevalue of the item post should be the price of tag associated with the ad post. Details of items require for swap should be discussed in the detail section of the ad.

The two way possibilities of ad posting by both buyers and sellers give both party more options and facilitates faster transactions.

How Boda Ad system works

Every content and media website and Ecommerce website work the same way; posts visibility are limited to number of followers and/or number of visitor to the post’s category.

Boda platform works the same way. Ads posted in a category are seen by people who visit the ads category. Also, newer ad posts in a category push down older ads, that is, the older post goes down and new post stays on top until it’s rendered old by newer posts.

Ad Boost

For Ad post to be visible for longer time, there are three ad boost types you can use.

  • Featured Boost
  • Top Boost
  • Bump up Boost

Featured BoostTop BoostBump up Boost
Featured ad also allows advertisers to show their adverts on the homepage of Boda Nigeria website which gives their ads more visibilityThis solution allows ads to stay at the top of the category. Ads boost with Top will never get drowned by new ad posts. This type of boost allows ads to be autorenewed at interval. This feature makes any ad appear as though it’s a new ad post.

You can access the three ad bosst type (featured, top and bump) by buying a membership plan or single-boost your ads. You can boost a single ad without membership plan from Dashboard ->My listing -> Promote (under any ad you want to boost). Membership plan and single boosting of ads can be purchased via member dashboard.

Remember, the more view you get, the more sales you make.

Membership Features

Ads post can come with urgency as a result of user wanting to meet sales goal or other reasons, a membership plan can help you overpower the natural uncontrollable feature of free ads.

With a membership plan, you get packs of feature ad boosts, top boost and bump boost. Also, you get to create a personal dedicated webstore that showcase all your ads at a glance just like your walk – in store. The link of the webstore can be sent to your customers for them to see all what you have in stock. With this feature, customer can window shop without them leaving the comfort of their home and your store won’t be flooded with window shoppers.

Webstore also show customers your website link, social media links, and WhatsApp link to directly message you. Customers can place a call through directly from your ads, chat you up with the chat system on Boda platform and/or send you an email directly. You can buy a membership plan here.

Membership plan earns you maximum premium support in terms of directing you on your ad post mistakes, making enquiry, getting help in writing better post description that appeals to the customer and lots more.

The point system

Boda Nigeria also has a point system which enables users to earn point if anyone registers through their referral link while newly registered users get certain boda point.

Accumulated points can be used to boost ads or augment payment for membership or ad boost.

1 Boda point = 1 Naira

Frequent purchase of membership and ad boost attracts special coupon code for point purchase discount.

In an effort to make this platform scam free, Boda points can be used to buy goods found on this platform if you prefer the goods to be delivered without meeting the seller.

How to buy goods with your Boda point on Boda platform

  • Find the goods you want to buy.
  • Chat with the vendor.
  • Tell the vendor you want to pay with Boda point. Note: You must have purchased certain amount of Boda point that can pay for the goods you want to buy.
  • You and the vendor chat with a Boda support agent to reach an agreement.
  • Once a Boda agent verifies your Boda point, the agreed amount for the goods you want to be will be deducted from your account and the vendor will be notified about the deduction which means the vendor can send your goods.
  • Once delivery is confirmed by you, the vendor can be credited with Boda point and/or cash transfer as vendor wants. Note: An escrow fee of 5% of the total transaction will be charged from your Boda point.
  • Vendors account will be credited automatically within 24hours after the agreed time frame if you refuse to confirm delivery.

You have more questions to ask? Check the FAQ page.

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