Guaranteed Higher ROI

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to wait for a paycheck every month? Wouldn’t you love not having to struggle to keep your transactions down to the limit? And life would be a lot easier if you didn’t have to save for a whole year to get your dream vacation or car. You don’t have to trade your time to get the money you want. That’s why we are offering you attractive returns on your investments. Watch your money do the work.

What Are You Investing in?

Boda Nigeria is a marketplace that connect buyers with sellers with ease. We have noticed that on ecommerce platforms, there has been a high rate of scam and we will want a clean sheet of scam record.

In this effort, we have developed a point system solution that helps us stand as escrow (middleman) between buyers and sellers. buyers can order goods on Boda Platform with Boda points without paying the sellers directly.

How You Can Benefit

We open up an investment opportunity for forward thinking individuals like you to buy boda points and we help you resell your point with a 50% bonus.

1 Boda point = 1 Naira

You buy 50,000 boda points for N50,000, we give you 75,000 boda point (50,000 + 50% bonus of purchase).

Why Invest In Boda Point?

No Fluctuation in Price/valueFixed Percentage
Guaranteed ROIFlexible Investment Tenor
Halal Investment (No Interest)Control Over Asset

Minimum Investment of 100,000 Naira

With free digital store worth of 52,000 Naira

Think about as the digital store as your walk-in store online. It’s a private space on Boda marketplace that showcases all your products/service (your active adverts) at a glance.

Flexible Investment Duration

Investment Duration% Bonus
3 Months15
6 Months25
12 Months50

How To Get Started?

Just complete your profile and start Investing. Sounds good? Click below.

  1. Send an email to, requesting the Point investment form, also stating the investment amount and tenor. You can also call our help line or chap with our whatsApp support.
  2. Complete the account opening form and send back to us via email along with your;
    • Documentary evidence of address (utility bill)
    • 1 Passport photograph
    • Valid ID

Once we receive these, we will take you through next steps to purchase your Boda point and fund your account with boda point.

And then, you can relax and simply watch your money grow.